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     Farrar, Holliman & Medley prides itself on having substantial legal experience and in being a law firm who has in the past and who presently bases its reputation on aggressivley representing its clients in litigation, both before juries and Judges.


     Farrar, Holliman & Medley is believed to be the first law firm in Warren County to be the recipient of a $1,000,000.00 judgement for its client and also a firm whose settlements in other counties are multi-million dollar settlements for some types of cases.


     Farrar, Holliman & Medley's attorneys are well expreienced and knowledgeable in prosecuting and defending cases not only at the trial level but also through the appellate courts of this state and do so without the necessity of hiring and relying on outside counsel to assist them in representing their clients in both appealing and defending cases not only in the Tennessee Courts of Appeal but also to the Tennessee Supreme Court as well.


     While many attorneys take on various legal responsibilities and address several different issues, generally our six (6) staff attorneys divide their work among areas in which they have the most experience and in which the majority of their work is concentrated.


     By having a reputation of aggressively pursuing legal matters for its clients, Farrar, Holliman & Medley has found it to be beneficial at times in settling cases for reasonable compensation for its clients without having to prepare its clients and its witnesses for trial.  We have found this to be the case inasmuch as many law firms do not have extensive experience and a reputation for actual courtroom litigation and some other attorneys and law firms seem to rely heavily on their hope and intent to settle their cases without the need for experience in evidentiary and procedural law.


     In addition, by having attorneys that are all familiar and versed in litigation, this has been and still is a great benefit to our clients inasmuch as our attorneys can all review cases and make determinations and recommendations as to the best offenses and defenses to present to the Judges and to the juries and can more ably determine the best routes to take as to settlement and the best routes to take if the settlement offers are not favorable to the clients.


     Our facilites have large, well equipped conference rooms with ample off the street parking on our property for our clients as well as elevated walkways to assist our disabled clients who need parking and walking facilitation, including handicap parking adjacent to our office on the main street next to our office.


     There are no boundaires as to our representation of our clients.

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